Creamy Tuscan Chicken

  • 5MINS
  • 25MINS
  • 284KCAL

With only a handful of simple ingredients, this creamy chicken dish is packed full of flavour and colourful veggies. It goes wonderfully with a number of accompaniments and can go from fridge to table within half an hour, so it's perfect for a midweek dinner!

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Creamy Tuscan Chicken

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How to Batch

Cool within 2 hours of cooking, then divide the cooked recipe into individual servings and freeze immediately.

We recommend a reduced-fat cream cheese rather than a fat-free one here. The result is a little richer and stands up better to reheating if you plan on batch cooking this recipe.

Swap this

Use sundried tomatoes (they won’t need cooking but will be much higher in calories) instead of fresh tomatoes, or pork steak instead of chicken.

My sauce came out a tad thin so will either use less stock or add cornflour next time. My husband loved it too 🙂
WOW!! This was absolutely amazing
We did only use 300 ml of stock and it was perfect. So creamy, full of flavours. We served this just with garlic bread slices.
I always add a little extra water to the chicken stock as I like the sauce to go further
One of my absolute favourites deliciously creamy and tasty
I sometimes leave out the chicken and make it veggie, either way its simply delicious
I always reduce the amount of liquid as I find it can be a bit runny. It's easy to add in more water if needed.
Loved this did it in my ninja and turned out just perfect
Added a pinch of paprika but really didn't need anything extra. Easy dish to do and will go on on me favourites list 😋😋
Easy to follow recipe, so tasty
Cut the chicken into slices Served with wholewheat rice & seasonal veg.
Easy and fairly quick to cook- I used rice instead of pasta
Reduce the sauce plenty! Use Philly lightest to lower guilt!
I am a huge fan of Italian food but it can be quite heavy on syns with creaminess but this is excellent when you get creaminess from lightest Philadelphia. You may need to cook a little longer to reduce the sauce so it’s a bit thicker.
Creamy sauce
Only use 300ml water if you like a thicker sauce and use mini breast fillets rather than normal chicken breasts!
Tasted Delicious! Had to cook longer to reduce the sauce
I diced the chicken rather than leaving it as a whole breast and added 1 tsp of Bouillon served with Tagliatelle & Garlic Bread.
Very easy to make with bags of flavour.
Versatile dish which can be served with pasta, potatoes or just vegetables. I like to add mushrooms as I find they go well with this dish.
Creamy Tuscan Chicken is amazing !
I used 200ml less of stock and the consistency was perfect.
Wow... gone to Tuscan heaven!
This creamy dish is an excellent dinner party pleaser as well as a quick mid week meal. If you're short on time, dice the chicken and half the amount of stock.
This dish is lovely made with prawns too
This dish is lovely topped with lots of cracked black pepper!
Family favourite
This is one of our absolute favourites, I added slightly less stock and it thickens beautifully

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‘Very filling and feels like a decadent supper’


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See what others have to say

Eve BrooksWednesday 16th March 2022

If I wanted to use pork instead of chicken, what pork would be best? thanks!


    HollyWednesday 30th March 2022

    Hey Eve, the creamy sauce from the Creamy Tuscan Chicken would work well with pork loin steaks or pork chops, hope that helps!


Sally1979Thursday 3rd February 2022

Absolutely delicious recipe, definitely doing this again, Thank you


    HollyFriday 4th February 2022

    Hey Sally, thanks so much for your feedback!


NicolaSunday 9th January 2022

Could this be adapted to be prepared in a slow cooker?


    HollyMonday 10th January 2022

    Hey Nicola, We haven’t given this recipe a slow cooker method because of the way the cream cheese could separate or curdle. Members of our facebook community have tried it but it is not something we have tested, if you would like more information on how to convert a recipe to the slow cooker have a look at THIS article, hope that helps!


Irene BellSaturday 1st January 2022

Hi just a quick question alot of your recipes have cream cheese in I love cheese but husband doesn’t can you please advise of what to use instead


    HollyMonday 3rd January 2022

    Hi Irene, you can substitute cream cheese for quark, crème fraîche, mascarpone or in some recipes Greek yoghurt. Hope that helps!


Sandra MinckleyTuesday 14th December 2021

Can I make the Creamy Tuscan Chicken in the morning – cover and store in the cold oven, then heat up for a meal at 6 in the evening?


    HollyWednesday 15th December 2021

    Hey Sandra, Yes you can reheat this recipe from chilled, pop in the microwave or oven until piping hot. Hope that helps!


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