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No matter the reason you’re looking to ditch the dairy, our dairy-free recipes allow you to enjoy all of your favourite dishes without compromising on creaminess, taste and simplicity. Including delicious recipes from our Bakes & Roasts and mouth-watering Sweet Treats categories, you’re bound to find something that will hit the spot and satisfy your cravings any night of the week.

Onion Bhajis pinchofnom.com
Easy Peasy
  • 35MINS
  • 59KCal
Sweet Chilli Hummus-Style Dip pinchofnom.com
Easy Peasy
  • 7MINS
  • 153KCal
Caramelised Onion Hummus-Style Dip pinchofnom.com
Easy Peasy
  • 15MINS
  • 103KCal
Cottage Pie pinchofnom.com
Cookbook Budget pinchofnom.com
  • 1HR 20
  • 361KCal
Salt and Pepper Pork pinchofnom.com
  • 20MINS
  • 320KCal
Lemon Drizzle Cake pinchofnom.com
Easy Peasy
  • 40MINS
  • 73KCal
Marmite Pasta pinchofnom.com
Cookbook Budget pinchofnom.com
  • 20MINS
  • 305KCal
Chocolate and Orange Cake pinchofnom.com
Easy Peasy
  • 40MINS
  • 81KCal
Chocolate Beetroot Cake pinchofnom.com
Easy Peasy
  • 45MINS
  • 82KCal
Butter Bean Salad pinchofnom.com
Easy Peasy
  • 5MINS
  • 222KCal

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