Salisbury Steaks

  • 15MINS
  • 45MINS
  • 274KCAL

Salisbury steak is named after nineteenth-century doctor James Salisbury who recommended it as an aid to digestive problems. Minced beef patties served ina rich mushroom and onion gravy, with added hidden veggies for flavour as well as fibre. We can’t claim they will cure any ailments, but we can promise a plate of comforting deliciousness!

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Salisbury Steaks

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How To Batch

Cool the patties and gravy within 2 hours of cooking, then divide the cooked recipe into individual servings and freeze immediately.

The courgette I bought was quite big so I grated half to go in the mince and diced the other half really small and cooked it in the gravy 👍
Such an easy dish, the flavour of the gravy is so delicious
Quick to assemble and the taste is outstanding, lovely with fresh runner beans from my garden
I will cut my pork thicker next time as it was a little tough but the flavour was divine!
Allow the 'burgers' to rest and firm up before cooking.
Easy recipe to follow. A firm favourite!
Really mix the ingredients together well. I used my hands rather than a spoon. Treat them gently when turning.

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See what others have to say

Claire JacksonThursday 19th January 2023

Hi ladies, could you possibly add the nutritional values for the meals that the recipe can’t be viewed online because the book only tells you the calories. I’m in need of the fat, protein, saturates etc as I need to keep track of my intake.


    HollyFriday 20th January 2023

    Hey Claire, if you go to the back of our books we print full nutritional values for all recipes. This was not available for book 1 but all books after had this information. Hope that helps!


JamesSunday 5th June 2022

Hi, it says cook for 15 minutes, turn half way through. After 15 minutes, cook uncovered for 5 minutes.

Is that 15 minutes + 15 minutes, or 15 minutes total (turn after 7.5 minutes)?


    SharonWednesday 8th June 2022

    Hi James, it’s 15 minutes total (turning after 7.5 minutes), plus simmer uncovered for another 5 minutes or until the steaks are cooked through.Hope that helps!


SandraSaturday 5th March 2022

Can l make the Salisbury’s steaks in advanced like the day before l won’t to cook them


    HollyMonday 7th March 2022

    Hi Sandra, yes you could make them and store them in the fridge until ready to be cooked. This recipe can also be frozen once cooked and reheated from chilled, hope that helps!


DebWednesday 5th January 2022

Can you freeze the uncooked patties?


    HollyThursday 6th January 2022

    Hey Deb, yes you can freeze the patties before cooking then defrost throughly before cooking. Hope that helps!


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