Thai Basil Chicken

  • 5MINS
  • 15MINS
  • 240KCAL

This quick recipe is our British take on a popular street food dish from Thailand. Traditionally this dish would be made with Thai holy basil, which has a more peppery taste than other varieties, however it still works really well with the standard basil you can pick up in the supermarket. Use whichever you can get hold of!

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Thai Basil Chicken

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Swap this

Swap the chopped chicken for turkey mince or chopped pork steak, or use skinless, boneless chicken thigh instead of breast meat.

Remember to check bag weight of basil as I was short lol
It’s all about improvisation. Using what you have at the time
Gave it a tweak, no beans so used peas, frozen peppers and served with straight to wok noodles
This recipe is a firm favourite full of amazing flavours
Make it often because it’s so delicious, I save any left overs & have it for lunch the next day!

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See what others have to say

Rachel BoltonFriday 5th January 2024

Is there an error with this recipe? Surely it isn’t 60g of basil! We did 6g and it was lovely … 60g would have been about 6 whole plants!


    Cheryl LloydWednesday 7th February 2024

    Basil plants can vary in size. The average super market pack of fresh Basil is 30g, we recommend using 2 of those 😊


RebeccaThursday 24th March 2022

Is it 60g of fresh basil then remove the stalks ect or 60g with stalks removed? This makes quite a difference as the stalks are half the gross weight


    HollyFriday 25th March 2022

    Hey Rebecca, basil has such soft stalks that it’s totally fine to eat along with the leaves!


LollyWednesday 5th January 2022

When a recipe uses granulated sweetener can you use sugar instead as my partner can’t have sweetener?


    HollyWednesday 5th January 2022

    Hey Lolly, we use granulated sweetener that is the same weight and texture as sugar so it can easily be substituted for sugar instead. Hope that helps!


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