Tuna Melt Peppers

  • 10MINS
  • 20MINS
  • 243KCAL

These sweet peppers are stuffed with a cheesy tuna and rice filling and topped with more melted cheese to create a quick, easy and flavourful meal. Great served with a crisp, mixed salad as a light lunch or alongside some potato wedges or extra veg for a more filling meal. We like our peppers to have a bit of bite to them, but if you prefer yours softer, then simply cook the peppers cut side down for 10 minutes before stuffing!

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Swap This

Stuff large, deseeded tomatoes instead of peppers.

Hint & Tip
I added extra garlic granules as I like a bit more ooomf. I also cooked the peppers for 10 minutes first just to soften them up a bit.
Next time I will pre cook the rice as was hot when added to the mixture.
I use flavoured cous cous instead of rice for added flavour
WOW Amazing
I added celery to the mix and instead of garlic and parsley replaced with Chinese Salt & Pepper seasoning as I fancied a bit of kick!! Halved the ingredients as I was making for myself only still way too much, enough to fill a pitta for lunch too!

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‘Tuna, cheese spread and even more melted cheese on top, a cheese lover's heaven! First time making it and it won't be the last. Absolutely delicious!’

Janice Charlesworth

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